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In recent years, apps have become an important touchpoint with users and customers and significantly define the external perception of a company. As a digital agency we have made it our mission to develop graphically sophisticated apps with intuitive user guidance and maximum stability.

If you wish, we can take over the complete life cycle of your app:

  • Conception

  • UX/UI

  • App development

  • Regular maintenance, analysis and optimization

We offer the following app technologies:

  • Android native with Java, Kotlin

  • iOS native with Objective-C, Swift

  • Cross-platform app development with Flutter, React Native etc.

Find out more about the types of apps we can design and develop for you below.

What types of apps can we develop for you?

Apps can be coded in different ways. The most suitable approach depends on the goal of the app, the medium- to long-term vision, and the desired time-to-market.

As an app agency, we develop apps using three different methods.

Native Apps

In native development, we develop separate apps for iOS & Android (e.g. with Swift or Kotlin). Each app is optimally adapted to the individual platform characteristics, always uses the latest modules of the manufacturers (Apple or Google) and thus achieves a perfect usability and appearance. Native apps usually feel more fluid and are very user-friendly.

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform development focuses on a single app with a (mostly) universal code base and can be deployed on all systems. The reduced development effort this entails represents a cost-effective variant that is particularly suitable for simple apps with lower graphical requirements than a native app.

Hybrid Apps

In hybrid app development, all user interfaces are developed natively for iOS & Android - but core functions or common business processes are combined in a shared code base. For complex app logic, this shared code base allows initial budget savings and reduces future maintenance costs. The hybrid approach combines advantages from native & cross-platform development: The reduced development effort cuts expenses and, at the same time, graphically sophisticated user interfaces can be implemented.

Our services in the field of app development

We have been developing apps since 2011 and have thus experienced the development of mobile operating systems and the constantly growing possibilities from the very beginning.

We want to deliver a "special" app experience for you and your users and put great emphasis on:

  • Future-proof and solid software architectures

  • Intuitive and innovative user interface concepts (UX)

  • Appealing interfaces and animations (UI)

Android App Development

  • We create an individual architecture for your use case and develop the app using modern Android tools: Dagger, Retrofit, Room, Jetpack, AndroidX etc.

iOS App Development

  • Again, we use modern development tools in the right places: UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, MLKit, Combine, etc.

Cross-Platform Development

  • Together we will find the appropriate technology for your use case (Flutter, React Native, etc.) and develop your cross-platform app.

Hybrid App Development

  • We identify appropriate logic blocks for a shared codebase and develop your hybrid app using Kotlin Multiplatform or Xamarin.

Legacy Apps

  • We modernize your legacy app and migrate it to a future-proof software architecture.

App Operation

  • We will manage the publication and maintenance of your store entries (Google Play / App Store) and take care of necessary updates of your app.

  • We monitor the vital values of your app in order to react quickly to any problems.

App Backend

  • If desired, we also handle the design & development of backends for your app. Learn more about our backend development services here.

Landing page for your app

An app must not only a be promoted in the respective app stores, but also requires a perfectly coordinated landing page, which must be discoverable via search engines. As part of our work as an agency for web development, we are also happy to handle the design and programming of your app landing page.

Online marketing for your app

We work hand in hand with strong partners who specialise in app marketing. If you have a need here, we can also help you to market your app and make it successful.

Agency for app development in Cologne

As an app agency for mobile app development, we are your top partner for app programming in Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Bonn and the Ruhr area.

Here you can find a complete overview of the technologies we use.

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