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A performant, robust and scalable backend is the engine for your web frontend or app. It controls the data exchange between user clients and the database, connects external systems, and handles the execution of resource-intensive processes. Only the smooth operation of the backend guarantees satisfied users and - depending on the business model - the desired revenues.

We develop the backend for your app or web application and guarantee that it meets your business requirements at all times, choose the appropriate backend programming language and rely on proven frameworks.

How does a backend work?

A backend essentially consists of three layers:

  • API

  • Business Logic

  • Data management


An API receives the data submitted by a website or an app. As soon as a user interacts with a website or an app, the API regulates the flow of data in both directions.

The abbreviation API stands for "Application Programming Interface".

Business Logic

Once data is received by an API, it is distributed to the proper places in the backend to meet the functional requirements of an application. Examples might include:

  • A user wants to register: The login data is sent to the API and the business logic uses this data to create a user account and send an activation email to the user

  • A product is to be purchased from a store: An API receives the shopping cart and the business logic takes care of all the necessary steps such as accounting, payment, sending the confirmation email.


To prevent the loss of data such as product information, user information or transaction data (e.g. purchased products), it must be stored in a database. The data storage layer of the backend is responsible for this. The database technology used for this should always be optimally adapted to the use case - this implies that there does not have to be just one database. In modern web applications that serve many users, specialized databases are used for different use cases and are connected for optimal performance.

Our services as an agency for scalable backend solutions

Beyond these three layers, which are simply described, a backend consists of many more individual components within each of them. Together with you, we analyze and develop which of them are suitable for your project - optimally tailored to your use case. We use the latest versions of proven programming languages and frameworks such as PHP (Laravel), .NET, nodeJS, Python or Go.

Backend in the cloud or „on premise“

  • We determine the optimal programming language for the API your product needs and develop it using modern standards such as REST or GraphQL.

Database Development

  • Whether mySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Elasticsearch: we determine the optimal database or a combination of several data storage techniques.

Microservice Architecture

  • Upon request or if your product is suitable, we develop a scalable container architecture (e.g. with Kubernetes).

Push Notifications

  • Sending push notifications ensures user interaction with your product. We use Firebase Cloud Messaging for this purpose or develop our own solutions on request.

Interface Development

  • Depending on the application, it may be necessary to process data from external data suppliers or send data to third parties. New interfaces can also be developed separately and connected to an existing application. We develop the right interface solution for you.

Legacy Backends

  • We modernize your legacy backend and migrate it to a future-proof software architecture.

Operation & Maintenance

  • We develop your backend and handle the cost-optimized operation in the cloud or "on premise".

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Here you can find a complete overview of the technologies we use.

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