Data Science & Data Analytics Consulting

Many companies are sitting on "data goldmines" whose potential has not yet been exploited. We support you in identifying the most promising opportunities and develop meaningful concepts to make them commercially usable. For this purpose, we work with you through the following steps:

ExploratoryData Analysis

To begin with, we work together to gain an overview of existing systems and identify relevant data sources (collection), which are cleaned and transformed into a uniform data format (cleaning).

We then analyze the data using machine learning methods (Exploratory Data Analysis) to reveal patterns, e.g., user behavior and segments. For example, certain user characteristics can be identified that have a significant influence on the churn rate.

After this conceptual phase, we develop and implement technical concepts (model building), which are used to integrate the newly gained insights into the day-to-day business. Using fully automated software, data is cleansed and evaluated, and the results are then visualized or directly integrated into your systems (model deployment).

Our services in the area of data science & data analytics

Data Analysis & First Party Data Strategy

  • We analyze your existing data structures and estimate the potential for your company.

  • We advise and support you in the creation of a first party data strategy.

Machine Learning

  • To generate value from your existing data, we develop appropriate machine learning methods based on your individual business goals.

Data Engineering

  • We design and develop software solutions for fully automated data analysis and integration of the results into your business processes.

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